Some more infos about us

We are a company specialized in picking great quality fruits from local fruit growers and after sorting, grading and packing, we are ready to deliver all over the world!

We are founded in 2019 after some years of great experience with Greek fruits as fruit growers, so we took the next step. Our base and central packing house where sorting, grading, packing and cooling of our products takes place is located at Niseli, Imathia, Greece.

Our business does not stop at delivering or exporting local fruits in our clients in-land or abroad, plus, there is a big network of partners which makes us able to import large quantities of fruits when there is no local stock or local fruits does not meet the markets and clients special requirements.

From our establishment until today, every year there is an upward trend not only in our turnover but also in the bigger variety of products provided.

Our goal is to further expand the network of partners while maintaining excellent quality products and impeccable costumer service.

We are certified!