Our products

All our products have the excellent quality in common so we can guarantee the satisfaction of even the most demanding customer. From the very first moment they arrive at our facilities and during sorting, grading, packing and cooling, all the provisions are strictly maintained in order to achieve an impeccable final result. Below you will find the most common products that are the subject of our company as well as more information per item.


Many varieties from the famous lowlands of Imathia


Many varieties from early ones to late September, all Greek origin


Greek origin, most of known varieties


Early varieties coming from Pierian hills to late mountainous products


Golden, Granny Smith, Delicious red, Jona Greek origin, plus imported from European countries


Domestic-Imported, Early and late varieties appropriate for storage


Different varieties, all from domestic growers


Domestic or imported, most of them coming from Netherlands


Greek origin, fluffed up, in different types of packaging


Here you can see the availability in time on the main products of our company by period in the year.  

The table refers to the main products, upon request or due to high demand may be more items available or the ones provided cover longer periods of time.

We are certified!